New Year – new luck! But is the beginning of a New Year really the perfect time for a new job? In fact, the calendar year can be divided into different application phases. Some are recommended and some are not.

Looking for the right time

In order to expand your job opportunities to the maximum, it may be helpful to look at the application calendar. This shows you which months are particularly suitable for a job change and in which you can expect a slowdown.

Spring: Boom in some sectors

If you work in tourism or in the catering/hotel industry, you should mark the months of March and April in the application calendar, because these months in spring are the best time to apply for jobs in the industries mentioned. The reason is simple: Summer, and thus the high season, is just around the corner and staff is particularly urgently needed.

Summer: At a standstill

Vacation, declining orders, employees struggling with heat – summer is by far the worst time to apply to a company. The so-called summer slump drastically reduces your chances of finding a new job. If a position needs to be filled as quickly as possible, it is often only a holiday substitute. However, connection points can be offered here via the personnel service provider.

Autumn: New upswing and new projects

After the summer slump, many companies are facing new projects. The HR (human resources) managers are now well rested and ready to actively deal with applications again. The months of September, October and November are a good time to gain a foothold in a new company.

December: Amazingly good opportunities

At the end of the year, the general assumption dominated that most companies paid little attention to new applications. The number of documents submitted is falling sharply. In fact, many employers do not hire new employees in December. However, applying in the last month of the year can prove an advantage because there is undoubtedly the small number of competitors.

More tips for a successful job change

Basically, it can be said that the time for an application is perfect when the number of job offers is far above that of the inquirers – in other words, when the competition is manageable. The fewer competitors there are, the better it is.

Ultimately, you should not only stiffen yourself at the „perfect time“ for your application, but always pay attention to the quality of your documents. If you can convince due to qualifications, technical know-how and the right soft skills, it may well be that you will find a new job during the summer break.

With the so-called temporary employment/personnel service providers, you are able to change your employer, with their support, no matter at what time. In fact, it is usually easier because some companies now see hiring as an extended probation period. This way, YOU and the new employer can be examined more closely before deciding on a permanent position in the company.


This is only a tip and 7time GmbH is looking forward to your application documents ANYTIME (whether spring, summer or autumn). We are happy to assist you as a consultant.

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